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Page history last edited by Millner 11 years, 6 months ago

Lexicon Januale

PAG. XXX (GoogleBooks scan NOT yet available)

Scribae: EMillner, [nomen adde]





1. ZEa 92. L. Ador.

2. Zebaoth (Hebr. Exercitus, 1000.)

3. Zedoaria 95, aroma.

4. Zenith 542 verticale coeli punctum.

5. Zel-us, 282 -osus -are.

6. Zephyrus 40, L. Favonius.

7. Zybeth-um (et -icus catus, 190).

8. Zingiber (vel Zinziber, 95.)

9. Zizani-a (ae, et -orum, 334.)

10. Zodiacus 540, circulus coeli per qvem planetae currunt.

11. Zon-a, cingulus latior: -a Terrae 556: -a torrida, 557: -a frigida: -a temperata.

12. Zythus 376, L. Cerevisia.


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