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Instructions for Contributing to the Wiki


To edit the wiki, you will need a PBWiki account, and you will need to be logged in to that account. Also, before you begin, please read through the Guidelines for Transcribing.


To get started, go to the Homepage of the Comenius wiki: ComLex.pbwiki.com.



You might want to take a look at some pages at different stages of completion. To look at the pages of the Lexicon, just click on the underlined page number in the left-hand column. To get back to the Homepage from anywhere in the wiki, just click on the Home icon in the upper left-hand corner of every page, or on the title "Comenius: Lexicon atriale latino-latinum" which you will see at the top of every page in the wiki.


When you are ready to start working, scan the Table on the Homepage looking for an available page for the task you want to do: Typing, or Formatting, or Proofreading.



You might also take a look at the Recent Wiki Activity in the right-hand column of the page, because sometimes people may have started work on page and forgotten to edit the Homepage to indicate what they are working on.



When you have found the task you want to do, click on Edit at the top of the page.



Then, when the editing screen appears, scroll down and type your name in the cell of the Table for the task you have chosen (or type "xxx" if you wish to remain anonymous).



When you have entered your name in the Table, MAKE SURE you click on Save at the BOTTOM of the screen in order to save the new version of the Homepage.



Next, click on the underlined Page Number in the Table for the page you will be working on.


This will take you to the wiki page that is dedicated to that page of the Lexicon.



FIRST, click on the GoogleBooks link, which will open up the PDF version of the Lexicon page in a separate window.


NEXT, click on Edit at the top of the wiki page. You can either transcribe by typing directly into this wiki page, or you can instead transcribe into a simple text editor or word processor and then cut-and-paste the results into the wiki window. Do not do any bold/italics formatting at this stage; just transcribe the page. Consult the Guidelines for Transcribing to answer any specific questions you have.


When you are done working, MAKE SURE you click on Save at the BOTTOM of the screen in order to save your work when you are done! If you cannot finish the page, that's okay - just remember to come back and finish it soon.



If you have finished transcribing a page, there is one more step. Go back to the Homepage, and then click on Edit at the top of the page:



Now you can enter the first and last entries on the page you transcribed in the appropriate columns of the table.



After you have entered your Start and Stop words in the Table, MAKE SURE you click on Save at the BOTTOM of the screen in order to save the new version of the Homepage.


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