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Lexicon atriale latino-latinum, J. A. Comenius (1657)

(at Google Books

Please read the Guidelines for Transcribing for information about how to proceed - WHEN YOU BEGIN SOMETHING, put your name (or "xxx" if you wish to remain anonymous) in the box below. That will show the pages on which work has begun! For more details, see these Step-by-Step Instructions (with screenshots). Also, I hope you will join the Comenius Ning Group to share ideas about our work together. Finally, if you find something especially delightful, please add it to this page: Florilegium, sive Anthologia Deliciarum.


Quaeso ut legas Commonitorium de Transcriptione, quod explicat in quo modo operam sumas - QUANDO PENSUM ALIQUOD SUMIS, infra in cellula nomen inscribe (vel "xxx" si anonymus esse mavis). Hoc modo videre possumus omnes paginas iam inceptas. Si auxilium quaeris, est quoque haec Praescriptio Enarrativa (cum imaginibus).  Ceterum, te invito ad Ning-gregem "Comenius" ut inter nos consilia communicemus de hac opera collectiva! In fine, si quid maxime delectabile invenias, in hac pagina adnotetur: Florilegium, sive Anthologia Deliciarum. :-)


Lexicon Januale:

Reinhard Gruhl has transcribed this text, which appeared online IX-I-MMIX, so luckily Evan did not do too much duplicated effort. Reinhard Gruhl 's text has now been pasted into the Lexicon Januale here, which is now complete, but it needs to be reformatted to make it searchable, as the original text uses hyphens everywhere.


Lexicon Atriale - Paginae Initiales:

You can find the Paginae Initiales in their own folder.The list of author abbreviations begins on p. vii.


Litera A - Litera B- Litera C: Omnes paginae transcriptae sunt!!!

(There is still some formatting and lots of proofreading to do; see the A Table for details.) 


Litera D:


Pag. Init. Fin. Type Format Proof
173 Damnatus Damnum ab aliquo avertere tmccarthy tmccarthy  
174 Damnum dare alicui Non dabo tmccarthy tmccarthy  
175 Si dabis dabo Deasciare tmccarthy tmccarthy  
176 Deaurare Debilis tmccarthy tmccarthy  
177 Debilitare Debitum solvere tmccarthy tmccarthy  
178 Decalogus Decerpere fructus tmccarthy tmccarthy  
179 Decet Decipi tmccarthy tmccarthy  
180 Decipi facilis Decoratus tmccarthy tmccarthy  
181 >Decore Dedere se tmccarthy tmccarthy  
182 Dedicare librum alicui Deest cuique aliquid tmccarthy tmccarthy  
183 Defaecatu vinum Deficere viribus tmccarthy tmccarthy  
184 in Definire aliquid alicui Deformis tmccarthy tmccarthy  
185 Deformitas  Deglutire  GregG     
186 Degere alicubi  Delectabiliter  GregG     
187 Delectamentum Delere tmccarthy tmccarthy  
188 Deletor Deliciae GregG    
189 Delicere Delirare tmccarthy tmccarthy  
190 Delirium  Demereri sibi aliquem  tmccarthy  tmccarthy   
191 Demetiri  Demum  GregG     
192 Denarrare  Densus  GregG     
193 Dentale  Depangere  GregG     
194 Depasci alicujus bona  Deposcere  GregG     
195 Depositum  Depudere  GregG     
196 Depulsor  Desciscere  GregG     
197 Describere aliquid  Desiderare  GregG     
198 Desiderare vehementer  Desidia  GregG     
199 Desidiosus  Desperare  GregG     
200 Desperandum non est  Desponsata  GregG     
201 Desponsatio  Detestari  GregG     
202 Detinere  Devinctus  GregG     
203 Devium  Deus dat  GregG     
204 Deus fortunet  Dextram versus  GregG     
205 Dextra laevaque  Dicere planius  GregG     
206 Dicis causa  Diffamare  GregG     
207 Diffamatus  Differre negotium  GregG     
208 Differre judicium  Diffidere  GregG     
209 Diffidentia  Dignitas  GregG     
210 Dignari  Dilatare  GregG     
Dilatare, sermonem prolongare  Dilectio GregG     
Dilemma Diluere GregG     


213 Dilutum vinum  Dirigere  GregG      214 Dirimere rixas  Discinctus  GregG      215 Discingere aliquem  Discurrere  GregG      216 Discutere  Dispensatio  GregG      217 Dispensator  Disquirere  GregG      218 Dissecare  Dissimulare  GregG      219 Dissimulare artem  Distendere  GregG      220 Distinguere  Diversus  GregG      221 Diversi diversa conveniunt  Divinare  GregG      222 Divinatio  Doctrina  GregG      223 Docte  Dolosus  GregG      224 Dolus  Domus  GregG      225 Domus lapidea  Dotalia dona  GregG      226 Dotem dare  Dubius  GregG      227 Ducere  Duracinus  GregG      228 Durare diu  Dysuriacus  GregG     


Litera E - Litera F  -  Litera G  -  Litera H  -  Litera I


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