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Page history last edited by Sophia 10 years, 5 months ago

PAG. 147 (GoogleBooks)

Incipit: Consentire]

Scribae: Mark Hazard

Status: typed, formatted


Pag. 147



Consentire] Uno ore omnes consentiunt.  Una mente et voce Stoici cum Peripateticis concinere videntur.  Convenit inter nos, Cic.  vid. Assentiri.

Consentiens] vid. Congruus, Concors.

Consequens] Subsequens annus, Plin.  Insequens hora, Cic.  Consectarius, Id.  Undis sequacibus, Virg.  Succenturiatus, Ter.  Successorius, Vlp.  Instans bellum, Cic.  Postprincipia, pl. Var.  Reliquum deincipe, vel deincipiti die perlecturum, Apul.

Consequens est] Colligitur, conficitur, sequitur, concluditur, subsequitur, consectarium est, Cic.  Consequentia, pl. Cic.

Consequenter] Subsequenter, Messal. Corvin.  Successive, Spart.  Deinceps, Cic.

Ex Consequente colligitur antecedens] Ex culmo spica colligitur.

Consequentia, vid. Conclusio.

Consequi] Res rem consequitur.  Insequi.  Succrescere aetati alicujus.  Succedit aetas aetati, Cic.  Digni succedere in pugnam.  Excipit nox diem, Liv.  Morbi subeunt, Virg.  Subire per vices, Plin. Iun. alicui, Liv.  Eventus laetus secutus, Plin. Iun.  Supervenit alicui aliquid, Cels.

Conserere agrum] Obserere, Cic.  Perserere, Plaut.  Inserere hortos, Col.  Omnibus seminibus arvum complere.

Conservare] Sustentare valetudinem, notitia corporis sui et observatione.  Sustinere dignitatem ac decus civitatis.  Esse saluti alicui, Cic.  Praesto me incolumem, Lamb.  Parcere vitam alicui, Gell.  Sospitare, Plaut.  Salvare, Sipont.  Servare incolumes et integros cives, Cic.

Considerare] Ratiocinari.  Reputare aliquid.  Aestimare.  Recolo ipse mecum aliquid.  Retractare diligenter, Cic.  Recogitare secum, Col.  Volvere aliquid in corde.  Exputare, Plaut.  Volvere cum animo.  Agitare cum animo. Trahere animis aliquid, Salust.  Putare rem, Ter.  Librare, Apul. Pendere.  Expendere aliquid.  Intendere in aliquid animum, Cic.  Ire in cogitationem et dispicere, Sen. Pensare,


Comments (4)

Mark Hazard said

at 12:07 pm on Jan 28, 2009

The bottom corner of pag. 147 is torn, and so some characters or words are missing for the last entry, "Considerare." I have indicated missing text with brackets and question marks, and reconstructed the missing word where it seemed clear what it should be.

Laura Gibbs said

at 10:22 pm on Jan 28, 2009

Great, Mark! According to Evan, there is also an edition of this book in the Early English Books Online EEBO database, which I have access to through my university, so we'll be able to use that edition to fill in the gaps, although it is password-protected, so we can't use it together the way we can the GoogleBooks edition. I'm going to look for that EEBO edition this weekend and make sure it will work for filling in these gaps! :-)

Gregory Guderian said

at 11:15 pm on Mar 9, 2009

Considerare] post "Librare" suspicor nomen auctoris, post "Se[n.]" verbum (Eximere?) fuisse (vid. sequentem paginam).

Gregory Guderian said

at 4:11 pm on Apr 2, 2009

Considerare] ex imagine nova replevi.

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