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Page history last edited by Gregory Guderian 11 years, 8 months ago

PAG. 110 (GoogleBooks)

Incipit: de visu... Certamen]

Scribae: Thesaurus



Pag. 110


Cernere (2) de visu] Cernere acutum, Hor. Acerrimi visus sum, Plin. Deprehendere aliquid visu, Val. Argon. Terminare oculis campos. Liv. Si tantis intervallis species nostra potest id animadvertere, Vitru.

Certamen] Decursio, Suet. Ludicri concursus, Lips. Ars ludicra armorum, Cic. Ludicrum certamen, Sen. Militia imaginaria, Suet. Hastici ludi, Suet. Curules dimicationes, Amm. Certamen curule, Lamp.

Certamen imparium] Sus cum Minerva certamen suscipit.

Certamen classicum, Vid. Classicum certamen.

Certare (1) rei certitudine pignore contendere] Sponsionem facere cum aliquo, Plin. Sponsione contendere, Macrob. Deponere aliquid cum aliquo, Virg. Contendere pignore, Catul. Sacramento contendere, Cic. (i.e. Depositis pignoribus, magna sponsione litigare) Sponsione aliquem lacessere, Cic. Sponsionem facere cum aliquo de aliqua re duobus millibus, Id. Dare pignus cum aliquo. Ponere aliquid pignori. Ni matris filia est, in meum nummum, in tuum talentum pignus da. Opponere pallium, Plaut. Dic quo pignore certes? Virg.

Certare (2) Armis vel verbis] Decertare. Per disceptationem contendere. Certare cum aliquo dicacitate, Cic. Certare minaciis, Plaut. Disceptare armis, conditionibus, jure de aliqua re. Conflictari judicio, Cic. Colluctari. Confligere, Id. Cernere de aliqua re, Plaut. Leges inter se colliduntur. Quis te cum illo commisit homine? Concertare. Conferre pedem. Conserere manum. Congredi cum, Vitruv. Vid. Disceptare.

Certatur de hoc] Id agitur. Hoc pugnatur. In eo cardo vertitur, Cic. In eo res vertitur. In eo spes citivatis vertitur, Liv. Ea res in discrimen adducitur. De hac re certamen est inter illos. Id in certamen adducitur, Cic. Certatur aliqua re foro, Hor.

Certatim currere] Contendere occupare aliquid. Praecurrere, Antevertere alicui. Praeripere alicui ne sit primus. Occupare suffragium, Curt. Intercipere fortunam, regnum, etc. Plin. Iun. Antecapere pontem fluminis, Tacit.

Comments (2)

Thesaurus said

at 12:07 pm on Jan 7, 2009

I made the following editorial changes:

I added "Cernere" in front of "(2) de visu]" to keep the headword order consistent.
I added "Certare" in front of "(2) Armis vel verbis]" to keep the headword order consistent.
I added an starting parenthesis in Certare (1) rei certitudine pignore contendere] to finish enclosing the italicized quote.

Laura Gibbs said

at 2:25 pm on Jan 7, 2009

Aha, that is great - I think I had an instance of (1) and (2) on a page I was working on and I like your solution for that. Thanks for adding this comment; this will be a good formatting thing to attend to when we do the final proofreading. Your solution is very nice! :-)

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