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Page history last edited by Gregory Guderian 11 years, 9 months ago

PAG. 104 (GoogleBooks)

Incipit: Deludam... Caula]

Scribae: Seumas Macdonald



Pag. 104



Ludificator, Id. Deludam lusorem meum. Exagitator Rhetorum, Plato. Cic. Balatro. Suspendens omnia naso, Hor. Verna, Mart. Vernula, Sen. Puer subdolae vernilitatis, Plin. Apinarius, Trebell. Rhinocerotis nasum habet, Mart.

Caula] Praesepe, Virg. Praesepes, Cat. Praesepia, Sipont. Catablum, clausura animalium, Papia, velas, Gloss. Anastas. Meurs.

Caulescere] Caulem facere, Col. Erigi in caulem, Pallad. In articulum it seges, Col. Coles agere, coliculum agere, Id. In cymam prosilit brassica, Id.

Caupo] Tabernarius, Cic. Copa, Virg. Cupa, Cic. Caupona, de muliere, Apul. Priscian.

Caupona] Taberna meritoria, Sipont. Meritorium, Iuv. Bacchanal, Plaut. Cauponula, Cic. Synoecium, Petron. Copona, Festo. a copiis dicta.

Cauponari] Cauponam exercere, Vlp. Cauponariam artem exercere, Iustin.

Causa] Nomen, Cic. Ratio, Ter. Causula, Caes. Occasio, Plaut. Elogium. Tres gladios Marti addito elogio consecravit, i.e. addita causa, Suet.

Causa capitis] Causa et contentio de capite. Capitis certamen, lis, causa. Dimicatio capitis. Res capitalis, Cic. Actio criminosa, vel civilis, Bud. Iudicium capitis. Discrimen salutis. Capitale facinus, Cic. Actio criminalis, et judicium criminale, ICtis.

Causa de homicidio] Judicium caedis, vid. de Caede. De parricidio causa dicitur, Cic.

Causa dissidii] Pomum dissidii. Malum Eridis.

Causa certa et evidens] Omnibus judicibus vincit. Omnium calculis.

Causa facti dissimulata, post deprehensa] Hinc illae lacrymae.

Causa tua nunc agitur] Ferrum tuum nunc in igni est. Comitia de tuo capite aguntur. De tuo corio luditur.

Causa injudicata] Indicta causa, Cic.

Causam amittere] Cadere causa in judicio. Perdere litem, Cic. Cecidisse lite, Fest. Cadere formula, Sen. Excidere formula, Suet.


Comments (3)

Seumas Macdonald said

at 5:58 pm on Jan 6, 2009

I added a hyphen to the initial 'cator', as it is continuing a word from the previous page, to avoid confusion. Happy to take suggestions about handling over-the-page entries though.

Laura Gibbs said

at 6:11 pm on Jan 6, 2009

Hi Seumas, thanks so much for making a note of this! I'm guessing that after the digitization is done, and initial proofreading is finished with (i.e. proofreading for the main content, not any formatting issues), we will want to formulate a list of specific proofreading issues based on what our final goals are, and formatting with those goals in mind. Based on the comments people add to the pages (as you have done) or PROBLEMs they note in the text, we'll be able to come up with a comprehensive list of issues that have given people pause in their work and which will need to be addressed in a comprehensive, systematic proofreading effort.

It seems to me that it would not be hard to get this into a format where it could be published in book form, for example - at which point, Comenius's pagination would not really even matter so much anymore, and we would decide on a format that suits people's needs best, and generate a new PDF, which people could download or get printed and bound at Lulu.

Laura Gibbs said

at 6:12 pm on Jan 6, 2009

P.S. Evan is going to start digitizing the Lexicon Januale (which he has in hard copy format, even though it is not available at GoogleBooks), which means we might ultimately find a way to integrate the texts. He posted some notes about that over at the Comenius page at the Ning: http://aesopus.ning.com/group/comenius

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