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Page history last edited by Gregory Guderian 11 years, 7 months ago

PAG. 038 (GoogleBooks)

Incipit: Scriptor... Amare

Scribae: [adde nomen] Ka'alaY



Pag. 038


-riolus, Cic. Scriptor et lector alicujus. Domesticarum rerum scriptores, Cic. Scriba Regis, Liv. Servus a manu, Suet. 

Amare] Amore amare. Amare oculitus, Cic. In oculis gerere. In sinu habere.  Teneri alicujus amore, Ovid.  Amore prosequi, amplecti.  Habere amorem in, erga, aliquem. Amplexari. Carum habere. In manibus habere. Fovere. Diligere. Colere, Cic. Complecti charitate, Liv. Piare, id est, pie amare, Non. In charitate est apud me, Liv. Residet in me amor erga te, Cic. Oculi mei habitant in aliquo, Er. Unice te diligit. Amat effusissime. Charissimum habet. Admiranda quadam charitate prosequitur. Animo toto te complectitur. Oculis atque animo fert hominem. Ex animo tibi bene vult, bene cupit. Te habet in deliciis, oblectamentis, Er. Affectus est illi, Suet. Pronus, Id. Omnia exosculatur.  Amantissimus est tui.  Effusissime te diligit, Er.

Amare perdite aliquem] Vide deamare. 

Amans aliquid, non bene judicat] Naevos non videt amor, quia oculis captus. 

Amari tutius, quam metui] Amor optimum satellitium, Lud. Viv. 

Amarescere] Inamarescere, Hor. Amarorem concipere, ex Graeco, Amaricari, Apoc.10.10.

Amarior, quam dulcior] Plus aloes, quam mellis habet.

Amaror] Amaritudo, Plin.  Amarities, Catul. Amaritas, Vitr. Virus, Cic. Plin. 

Amarus] Amaricans, Gaz.  Tristis succus, Virg. Triste absinthium, Ovid. Gelli.  Amarulentus. Sardois herbis amarior. Helleboro amarior, Er. 

Amator] Tuus non tantum amicus, sed amator.  Inflammatus amore in patriam, Cic. Dilector, Apul. Cultor Minervae, Hor. Cupidus. Cupidissimus. Studiosus, studiosissimus mei, Cic.  Saucius amore.

Ambages] Circuitu ad aliquid pervenire, Quint. Nihil circuitione usus es, Ter.  Anfractus, vel amfractus orationis, Cic. Ambago viarum, Prud. Maeander, vel Maeandrus, Col. Maeandri more, i.e. flexuose. (A fluvio hujus no-


Comments (4)

Ka'ala Yezbick said

at 11:38 pm on Jan 2, 2009

Two possible problems:
1. I don't know what IO.IO. is at the end of "Amarescere".
2. Not sure I read correctly the spelling of "Tristissuccus" in "Amarus".

Laura Gibbs said

at 12:30 am on Jan 3, 2009

Hi Ka'ala - for the abbreviation, I think it is simply 10.10 - i.e., the chapter and verse number for the citation (which is interesting: it shows that this system of numbering not just chapters, but also verse numbers, was well in place) - here is Rev. 10:10
10 Et accepi librum de manu angeli, et devoravi illum: et erat in ore meo tamquam mel dulce, et cum devorassem eum, amaricatus est venter meus:

Laura Gibbs said

at 12:34 am on Jan 3, 2009

For Tristis succus, it's two words I think, and it must be this passage from Georgics II - I think succus with the double cons. is a later spelling but don't quote me on that! :-)
Media fert tristis sucos tardumque saporem
felicis mali...
Thank you so much for including comments - I love the little things I've learned by exploring the pages I've transcribed of this so far. It's a very intriguing adventure.

Johan Winge said

at 7:37 am on Jan 3, 2009

Yes, I believe Laura is correct.

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